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Our Products

Please read, contains important safety information and how to get the best from your products 

In order to offer products that we are truly happy with we spend a great deal of time sourcing natural ingredients and testing our products and ensuring they fit with our ethics. We are completely CLP compliant and adhere to the high standards set out by the IFRA and only use suppliers that also do so. Our products are souced from companies that are certified 'Cruelty Free' and non of our raw materials are tested on animals. Our wax melts and candles are carefully hand curated in our workshop in small batches. They are safe for use around animals - we are animal lovers here at the Mill House and we have a dog at home where all our products are continuously used, and new scents first tested. When using a product for the first time it is a good idea leave a door open for your pet so if they are sensitive to particular aromas they can move away. Due to the safe percentage of essential and fragrance oils used this should be unlikely, however all animals are different and we cannot account for individual allergies or tolerances.


✅ always place your burner/warmer or candle on a heat resistant surface, styling plates are ideal to place them on.

✅ always use a good quality wax melt warmer and follow any instructions provided with your product.

✅ We advise using a warmer of at least 10cm tall; anything less and the flame from the tea light will be too near to the burner. This can not only cause the burner to become too hot which may in turn cause damage to the burner but it can affect the strength, aroma and longevity of your wax melts.

✅ we also advise to always use good quality unscented four hour tea lights and never use a burner/warmer for longer than 4 hours

✅ never leave a lit flame unattended and ensure they are placed out of reach of animals and children

✅ keep wax melts out of reach of children and animals


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